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Savaterre 2017 ‘Frere Cadet’ Chardonnay


Savaterre is world famous for producing seriously good Chardonnay. Their Frere Cadet (younger brother) range is made from Beechworth grapes of particularly good quality, with minimal intervention in the fermentation process.

The result is a creamy, toasty, generally excellent Chardonnay with cashew and apricot flavours. Clean and dry, it proves why Chardonnay has been the dominant white wine variety of the last 50 years.

Occasionally, when rare parcels of particularly outstanding Beechworth grapes become available, Savaterre”s wine maker Keppell Smith likes to create something unique, like this Chardonnay, and bottle it under Savaterre”s Frere Cadet (Younger Brother) label. These wines are created with the same attention to detail that goes into their premium Savaterre label.




Beechworth, Victoria



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