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L.A.S Vino 2017 Chenin Blanc 500ml

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The Wine: L.A.S Vino Chenin Blanc 500ml

The L.A.S Vino Chenin Blanc at its simplest is elemental: Flavors of sea spray from the proximity to the ocean. Texture from the Granite which it was grown. Flavors of fresh apple, pear and flowers bring the raw elements together.

Only made 1500 bottles of this wine in 500ml bottles completely un-fined and un-filtered.


The Man Behind the Wine:

Nic Peterkin, owner of this newly established business, is the grandson of the late Diana Cullen (Cullen Wines) and the son of Mike Peterkin (Pierro). After graduating from Adelaide University with a Masters Degree in oenology, and travelling the world as a Flying Winemaker, he came back to roost in Margaret River with the ambition of making wines that are a little bit different, but also within the bounds of conventional oenological science.

The intention is to keep the project small, and thus make only 200 dozen of each of Chardonnay, Chenin Blanc, Pinot Noir (Albino Pinot) and Touriga Nacional (Pirate Blend). Exports to the UK, Singapore and Japan.


Willyabrup, Margaret River



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