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Jean-Marc Brocard 2017 Chablis


The Wine: Jean-Marc Brocard Chablis

The Domaine Jean-Marc Brocard is a big name in Chablis. We would like to give you a first glance of our style.

Lemon, white peach, yellow fruit. The palate is round and greedy. A specific wine and round.

Serve between 12°C and 14°C.

A Healthy Culture:

Since the beginning, Jean-Marc Brocard is committed to a healthier culture, respectful of its environment. In 1997, a plot of 11 hectares of Chablis is conducted in organic and biodynamic.

This first step allows us to observer force and reflection, to better understand this work philosophy. A learning every day for the domaine and its teams.

Today, 60 hectares are certified organic farming and biodynamic 40 hectares.

Which makes Domaine Jean-Marc Brocard one of the first wine producers in organic farming in Chablis and Burgundy.

Jean-Marc Brocard:

Born in 1946 in Chaudenay-le-Château in Côte d’Or from a family of farmers, Jean-Marc Brocard follows the advice of his father and swiftly from agriculture whose future is not enough carrier in the late 60’s. He chose a HND in engineering and became an engineer at Auxerre.

The meeting with his future wife, and his in-laws family, winegrowers in Saint-Bris-le-Vineux will initiate in the work of the vine and wine.

In 1973, the birth of Julien, Jean-Marc plant his first vines in Préhy, where it will build a few years later, his winery that will become the domaine Jean-Marc Brocard situated in the center of Chablis vineyards.

Julien Brocard:

Born in 1973, Julien joined the familial domaine to work alongside his father in 1995, after studying engineering.

From 1997, he is passionate about biodynamic and traditional methods it implements on a plot of Chablis: La Boissonneuse.

Today, the domaine is among the most important actors of Burgundy to cultivate vineyards in organic farming.

As CEO of the company, Julien continues the development of the area while pulsing a corporate culture.

Perfect Match

  • Oysters
  • Grilled fish
  • Light-to-medium-flavoured courses


Chablis, France



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