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Teusner 2018 ‘Salsa’ Rosé


The Wine: Teusner ‘Salsa’ Rosé

Savoury, dry and food friendly, the new release of Salsa is sure to win over those looking for something more than lolly water when it comes to a good rosé. A barrel fermented blend of Grenache, Mataro & Shiraz, specifically grown for the wine, rather than bled off other ferments. Salsa is what rose should be about….pure, satisfying drinking pleasure.

The Winery:

Unsurprisingly for Kym Teusner and Mick Page, beer played a major role in their decision to start Teusner Wines in 2001. After a few cold ones they overheard a couple of grape growers contemplating removal of their 85 year old Grenache vines, Kym and Mick stepped up to the plate and offered them 4 times what they’d been paid by ‘the big guys’ for the crop if they’d keep the vineyard in the ground.

The offer was accepted, the vines stayed in the ground, Teusner Wines came to life with a singular mission – to make the kind of wines they liked to drink!


Barossa Valley, South Australia



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