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Mon Tout 2017 Rosé

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The Wine: Mon Tout Rosé

The Mon Tout Rose is made from a blend of 81% Pinot Noir with a small amount of Pinot Gris and 19% Shiraz.

Attractive pink with an orange blush, an initially reticent nose gradually reveals green strawberry, neroli, musk and wet leaves, while the palate opens out from crisp, clean strawberry and tangerine accents to an almost contradictory interplay of alluring confection with earthy sauvage, corralled by energetic lime-leaf acidity and lengthened by pliable, persistent tannins.

The Winemaker: Janice McDonald, Gourmet Traveler Winemaker of the Year 2018

“Congratulations to Janice McDonald, the highly deserving winner of the 2018 Gourmet Traveller WINE Winemaker of the Year award. From a field of superb winemakers, McDonald, chief winemaker at Burch Family Wines, impressed the judges with her relentless quest for quality at all price points, her continual refinement of wine style, and her insight into the Margaret River region as well as her understanding of the strength and potential of Great Southern.” Gourmet Traveler

The Story:

Mon Tout is a small batch winemaking mission and a passion project for Richard Burch in collaboration with winemaker Janice McDonald, who are focused on crafting a selection of handpicked grapes into high quality natural wines with purity, balance and character . The fruit is carefully selected from vineyards in Margaret River and the Great Southern, and the winemaking philosophy is pretty straight forward .

Fruit is handpicked from vineyards where sustainable farming practices ensure soil vitality and a lively ecosystem and is handled with the greatest care at all times . Fermentation is allowed without any additions and wines are bottled after natural clarification with minimal, if any, sulphur dioxide additions . Mon Tout strive to create wines of exceptional quality that are produced sustainably and that express the distinctive flavours of this pristine region .

Perfect Match

  • Paella or a Thai pork belly salad


Margaret River, Western Australia



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