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Laurent-Perrier NV Cuvee Rose


The Wine: Laurent-Perrier NV Cuvee Rose

“Elegant, with colour changing naturally from a pretty raspberry hue to salmon-pink. A precise nose of extraordinary freshness and a wide range of red fruits: raspberry, redcurrant, strawberry, black cherry. A fresh and sharp attack for this supple and rounded wine. On the palate, it offers the sensation of plunging into a basket of freshly picked red berries.”

95 Points by Tyson Stelzer

The Estate:

In 1881, when Cellar Master Eugène Laurent inherited the Alphonse Pierlot Champagne House, he provided it with the essential foundations required to produce great champagnes, namely the houses and land to create a fully-fledged estate. He purchased vines in the very best terroirs of Bouzy, Tours-sur-Marne, and Ambonnay, excavated 800 meters of cellars, and set up a tasting laboratory.

The Builder

Bernard de Nonancourt dedicated his life to a single passion: Laurent-Perrier. His courage, convictions and energy transformed a small Champagne House purchased by his mother in 1939 into a global brand.

Bernard de Nonancourt and his elder brother Maurice joined the French Resistance. Only Bernard survived and joined the Maquis underground, where he met the founder of the Emmaus movement, Abbé Pierre. Later on, he was assigned to General Leclerc’s 2nd Armoured Division (2ème DB).

When he returned, his mother insisted he undergo an apprenticeship to fully understand the business, being a vines labourer, cellar and office worker, and a sales representative. In October 1948, aged 28, he was appointed Chairman and Chief Executive of Laurent-Perrier. He was one of the rare owners of a Champagne House to have done all the jobs of his future employees.

Bernard de Nonancourt injected a dynamic momentum into the business. Keen on innovation, strongly attached to champagne traditions and to quality, he forged the commercial culture of Laurent-Perrier and created a renowned brand with a range of unique champagnes.

Up until his death on 29 October 2010, he made his vibrant stamp on the House of Laurent-Perrier, which will remain forever.


The Cellar Master

A message from Michel Fauconnet, Laurent-Perrier’s third Cellar Master

“I was fortunate enough to be accepted as a trainee for a Champagne House with great ambitions and scope for expansion. I found the job fascinating: from the raw materials–grapes – you obtain a bottle of champagne. Forty years later, this transformation still enthrals me!

I got my experience from working from the bottom upwards over several years. I know every stage of production from having worked there: I was a cellarman from 1974 to 1976, a supervisor in 1977 and a foreman in 1981. I learned a lot about the technical side in the winery and have been Cellar Master and Production Manager since 2004. I took over from Alain Terrier, whose assistant I had been since 1983.

The job has changed enormously. The Cellar Master used to be the man who made the wine. These days, he also takes care of supplies. So he is responsible for the wine from vinification to bottling.
I have spent my entire career at this House and share its passion for champagne, and its values of exacting standards and perfectionism. My job is to make those vins de plaisir that are perfectly attuned to the spirit of the House of Laurent-Perrier.”

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Buy Laurent Perrier Rosé

At Smash Vino we carry a selection of the best wines and spirits available online. For the next toast that you raise, why not try our exquisite Laurent Perrier Rosé and lose yourself in its magic? This is an excellent sparkling wine that has a bouquet of rich fruity aromas.

With a bottle that was inspired by King Henry IV, what’s not to love about this remarkable champagne? Our love affair with champagne has existed since the 1800s when Dom Perignon coined it “a drink with the stars”.

Did you know that rosé wines existed before champagne and were the pre-cursor and reason that champagne came into existence? Rosé wines pre-dated champagne, whose existence came about from an accidental fermentation of bottled pink wine that caused it to bubble, heralding the creation of champagne.

The Creation of Laurent-Perrier Rosé

The term rosé was coined to refer to white wine that is macerated with skins from red or dark grapes. Left to briefly bleed to release the colour and rich textures into the white wine, it is a precise art requiring just the right amount of seeping, in order to produce the perfect texture and flavour.

Laurent Perrier Rosé is made from Pinot Noir grapes harvested from 10 different villages, or cru, and is macerated using the saignée (bleeding) method. One of the reasons it has remained a champagne favourite is its high quality that has remained consistent since the beginning of its creation.

1968 is the year that saw Bernard de Nonancourt, owner of the champagne house Laurent Perriere develop the Laurent-Perrier Brut Rosé champagne, at a time when brut rosé wines were held in very little esteem.

Today, his blend of rosé champagne has gained its place as the most famous of the rosé champagnes in the world, and one of the most widely treasured of the champagnes.

The Value Of Laurent-Perrier Rosé

A rosé is generally priced a little higher than other champagnes as its production requires far more labour, and more time to produce. One that is as carefully and meticulously harvested, blended and stored as the Laurent Perrier Rosé to produce the highest quality of champagne, deserves not just the accolades, but to be valued for its worth as well.

At Smash Vino, we stock this fine champagne at prices that won’t break the bank. We want you to partake of this supple, rounded and fruity champagne at your next all-important celebration, and raise a toast of this wonderful pink bubbly that continues to grace and enchant at many auspicious occasions, centuries after its discovery.

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