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Kangarilla Road 2018 ‘Monty’ Rosé


People are immediately attracted to the pale colour of the Monty Rose which is further rewarded by an abundance of lifted fruit giving a somewhat false indication of sweetness. The wine is actually bone dry and perfect to drink now.

Buy Your Kangarilla Road Rosé from Smash Vino

Kangarilla wines come from the McLaren Vale region of Southern Australia, meaning that each wine is characterised by a wonderful abundance of light fruity flavours. If you’re looking to buy Kangarilla Road Rosé, you will love indulging in this drink on a sunny Sunday and forgetting all about work the next day.

The wine it also perfect for picnics, given that it is dry and pairs perfectly with your typical outdoor foods. The pale colour is attractive and really shows that this is a quality wine that has been produced with nothing but love.
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Ready to buy Kangarilla Road Rosé online? You’ll want to find a trusted provider that can get the wine to you quickly and at the best possible price. Essentially, you want to shop with Smash Vino. Here’s a closer look at why we are so trusted and can offer you the very best experience possible.

The Best Prices for Kangarilla Road Rosé

Over the years we have cultivated close links with the best wineries and vineyards operating in Australia. We have spent thousands of hours experimenting with providers, sampling the best wines and negotiating prices. This means that we are proud to offer the very best prices available and ensure that Australians across the country can access delicious wines without breaking the bank.

Our competitive prices also mean that when you find the wine that really clicks with you, you can buy it again! You will find that our wines are of impeccable quality and each one offers a unique experience.

Kangarilla Road are Experts in Rosé

Our team is composed exclusively of wine experts who have a deep respect and love for wine and the culinary arts in general. Our passion for wine has gone into the business, and every wine that we offer has been approved by our series of expert testers. This means that everything we offer is of a particular level of quality that will delight you.

Our experts are also happy to share their knowledge – we don’t hoard it and if you have a question about a particular wine we will be happy to answer it! If you want pairing suggestions or further background information about a particular wine, we can help you. We are available to reach via a range of channels and we look forward to connecting with fellow wine lovers! Kangarilla Road are also experts in producing Shiraz check out the range online.

Join Our Wine Club

We have worked very hard to develop an amazing wine club. You can choose from three tiers, and you’ll receive twelve bottles of wonderful wine. You can configure your selection according to frequency and type, so you can be sure to get something delicious that will fit with your tastes.

It is our pleasure to offer this to our loyal members and to introduce wine lovers to exciting and new wine experiences! We also would love to show you our range or Rose wine online.

Shop Kangarilla Rosé Today

If you are ready to shop for your wine, then be sure to visit our store today! You will find a range of options on offer as well as a lot of information about each wine. We are happy to share information about pairing and the region, so you can get the full experience.

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Perfect Match

  • Sunny Sundays
  • Picnics


McLaren Vale, South Australia



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