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Paxton 2018 ‘NOW’ Shiraz

$24.00 $19.90

NOW by PAXTON stands for NATURAL ORGANIC WINE. The consumer market demand has been growing steadily for Preservative Free/Natural wines. As leaders in organic production, it was obvious that Paxton needed a product for this category. In addition to Natural, PF & Organic, we wanted to make a young, drink NOW style shiraz that was different from our existing Shiraz styles.


100% Organic | Biodynamic | Preservative Free | Vegan

Generous fruit flavours with plums and mulberries, spicy characters and great mouth feel and density.

Drink “NOW”


Perfect Match

  • Yoga retreats
  • Mid week tipple with no hangover
  • Feeling good about doing your part for the planet


McLaren Vale, South Australia



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