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Pizzini 2018 Prosecco


The Wine: Pizzini Prosecco

Initial aromas include yeasty and melon notes, as the wine opens up in the glass the nose smacks of citrus blossom, fresh lime, Wisteria flower and green apples. It is refreshingly fizzy with gentle, lemony acidity.

The Winery:

Alfredo and Katrina Pizzini built Pizzini Wines based on their passions and their commitment to family and Pizzini’s Italian heritage. Their winemaking dream began in 1978 when they planted their first vines, then in 1994 their first wine under the Pizzini label was produced.

Today their four adult children Natalie, Joel, Carlo and Nicole all work in the business alongside Alfredo and Katrina.

The Family:

Katrina Pizzini – Katrina Pizzini is the powerhouse behind the Pizzini Wines A tavola! Cooking School.

Alfredo Pizzini – Founder of Pizzini Wines (with his wife Katrina), Alfredo takes the lead on vineyard strategy and management as well as enjoying lots of time hosting visitors in the cellar door and at Pizzini events around Australia.

Joel Pizzini – Joel Pizzini is the winemaker at Pizzini Wines.

Natalie Pizzini – Natalie manages the branding and marketing aspects of Pizzini Wines.

Nicole Pizzini – These days Nicole or Nicki as she is more commonly known, can be found lending a hand in the Cellar Door or the Cooking School at busy times. A mother of three with a career external to the wine industry, she still loves being part of the family business when she can.

Carlo Pizzini – Carlo takes the lead on sales and business management at Pizzini Wines.

Pizzini Prosécco 2018

Australia Prosécco is slowly but surely taking a lead in the sparkling wine market. With a growing interest in the likes of homegrown Pizzini Prosécco, sparkling wine is enjoying a surge in popularity and is becoming a staple at many Australian celebrations.

The 2018 Pizzini Prosécco is among the leading local trailblazers in the sparkling wine sector and has steadily gained a place among the favourites, from the decades-old and relatively young Australian sparkling wine market.
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These newcomers are challenging the place standing of some of the older, well-established champagne brands of Europe, and justifiably so.

The Italian Connection

The hard work and determination of Fred and Katrina Pizzini owners of Pizzini Wines in Victoria’s King Valley is paying off in their aim to become Australia’s best producer of sparkling wine. And it’s clear that they are making good progress.

Fred has been making wine for the past three decades, and in true keeping with their Italian culture and heritage, is passing on his knowledge and experience in viticulture to his son Joel, and other children.

The wines produced by Fred and son Joel are rich and elegant, positioning their wine house among the best sparkling wine growers in the region and beyond. Prosécco was imported from Italy where it is grown from glera grapes grown in the north-eastern region called Veneto .

Smash Vino salutes these pioneering and industrious winemakers and is proud to be partnering with them to supply locally produced Pizzini Prosécco to enliven and add sparkle to many an Australian celebration.

We invite you to try this bottle of bubbly and discover why it is an excellent choice of sparkling wine, and deserving of your attention.

Old Favourite, New Pizzini Prosécco Label

Anyone who is familiar with Pizzini Prosécco will notice that the label is new. While the label has changed and improved, the champagne that has come to be known for its citrus aromas and yeasty melon flavours remains the same.

One sip of this fresh and fizzy delight that has a hint of green apples will assure you that the charm has neither diminished nor changed. Its crisp flavour lends itself particularly well when serving seafoods.

In addition, its light texture makes it a perfect drink to celebrate your, or your friend’s or family’s greatest moments, especially as Prosécco is a sparkling wine that is not sweet but has a fruity flavour.

It is usually considered a dry wine, with the range being Demi-Sec, Dry, Extra Dry and Brut. Is Prosécco a champagne? It is a sparkling wine that is produced using a different method from French champagnes but achieving a similar result.

Pop the Pizzini Prosécco Cork in Style

If you are planning a celebration and would like to pop the cork in style, you can’t go wrong when you buy Pizzini Prosécco. We deliver by the bottle or in bulk and are happy to bring it right to your doorstep. We also do a very large range of white wines online, so check it out if you have the chance!

Should you have any inquiries or would like to find out more, we are available to help you. Our customer service team can be reached on 0431 024 088, or by email at tom@smashvino.com.au.

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