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Laurent-Perrier NV La Cuvée 1.5lt Magnum


This wine comes from the purest grape juice and it alone allows Laurent-Perrier to craft ‘La Cuvee’, a champagne wine of great finesse and a beautiful freshness obtained after a long ageing process in our cellars.

Laurent-Perrier’s style and personality are defined by its very high proportion of Chardonnay. Purity, freshness and elegance – essential characteristics, expressed in this champagne – are a good introduction to the spirit of the House.

A blend with 50 to 55% Chardonnay, nearly double the average in Champagne, gives a unique personality to this brut champagne.

Perfect Match

  • “I only drink champagne on two occasions, when I am in love and when I am not.” –Coco Chanel, French fashion designer
  • “I drink champagne when I win, to celebrate… and I drink champagne when I lose, to console myself.” –Napoleon Bonaparte


Champagne, France



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