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Capi 250ml Lemon (24 pack)


Get around this delicious CAPI Lemon soda. We only use natural lemons, cold-pressed grapefruit oils, and lemon essential oils. It’s smooth, not too sweet, crisp, and tastes like, well, lemon.

24 x 250ml bottles.

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What’s special about Capi Lemon?

We totally understand where you’re coming from. At Smash Vino, we are tired of adding “with coke” or “with tonic” to the end of our orders. It’s overdone, it’s dull, and quite frankly, it’s boring. That’s why we’ve really been loving CAPI’s Lemon mixer lately.

The CAPI Lemon mixer is specially crafted with a blend of Argentine lemons, and a hint of grapefruit, with lemon essential oils. It’s a natural fruit soda, which is sure to provide a nice refreshing zing and a citrus twist to whatever drink you choose to mix it with.

What drinks would a Capi Lemon soda mix well with?

You could drink your CAPI Lemon soda on its own. You absolutely could. But we all know that there are many more ways, which are infinitely more fun, that you can drink and enjoy your soda. Here are some of the ways that we think you’d enjoy your soda;

– In a Lemon Drop – Just mix ½ parts vodka, to part CAPI Lemon Soda and ¼ part simple syrup. If you feel like being extra fancy, garnish it with a sugar rim, and a lemon wedge.

– As part of a ‘Cable Car’ – Mix 1 ½ parts spiced rum, 1 part of your CAPI Lemon Soda, ¾ parts Curacao, and ½ parts simple syrup. If you want to garnish this, we suggest a cinnamon sugar rim, and a lemon wedge.

– In a ‘Death in the Gulf stream’ – This was a tipple that Earnest Hemingway was partial to. To recreate the drink with a lemon-y twist, you want to mix 1 part Genver (or any gin, really), to ½ part of your CAPI Lemon Soda, and add 4 dashes of bitters. Garnish simply, with just a lemon wedge.

Why should you buy your Capi Lemon soda online from Smash Vino?

Finding a place to buy CAPI Lemon online can be tricky. That’s why we’ve decided to make the process as easy as possible. For just $36.36 you can buy 24 250mL bottles, which works out at $1.51 a bottle – what an absolute steal!

At Smash Vino, we are drink enthusiasts. No one here is going to try and recommend something to you that we wouldn’t drink ourselves, whether it’s one of our hand picked wines, or a mixer to put with one of the cocktails above.

Our mission is simple – we want to give you good wines, at good prices, and we strongly believe that ordering your favourite beverages online should be simple and fast.

If you feel like getting your hands on – or buying, in regular terms – a case or two of CAPI’s Lemon Mixer or any other capi drinks, then feel free to pop a few into your online cart and head to the checkout. You can also drop us an e-mail at tom@smashvino.com.au if you have any questions or queries that haven’t been answered here. We are also contactable by phone at 0431 024 088.

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Perfect for: Summer days, drifting away. Loading up with ice, watching the world go by. getting all nostalgic about childhood.

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