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Are you looking for a place to buy Riesling wine online?

If your answer is yes, join us at Smash Vino. We select all the high quality wine you see on our website because we know it’s good and because we want to give you the best possible value. This makes us the best place to buy Riesling wine online and we’d love for you to take some time to check out our collection today.

About Riesling

Riesling is a white grape that originates from Rhine in Germany. The flavour of a Riesling wine is highly influenced by the place the grape is grown. In cooler climates the wine develops apple notes that are sometimes balanced with sugar. In warmer climates the wine develops more citrusy notes.

The thing all Riesling wines have in common is high acidity and a floral or perfumed aroma. Due to this high acidity Riesling has a great ageing potential, which has been known to create some flavourful vintage white wines.

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What can I pair my Riesling with?

The balance between sugar and acidity in Riesling wine means that it pairs well with most food. It is also one of the only wines that is excellent for complimenting strong flavours. Foods it is known to compliment particularly well are:

– Salty foods

– Thai and Chinese Cuisine

– White fish

– Pork

– Spicy foods

Browse our range of the Best Riesling Wine Online

Clare Valley, South Australia
– Ministry of Clouds 2017
– Matriarch & Rogue 2017 ‘Rex’ Wild Riesling
– Matriarch & Rogue 2017 ‘Dot’

Eden Valley, South Australia
– Teusner 2018 ‘Empress’
– Hutton Vale Farm 2017

Great Southern, Western Australia
– Castle Rock 2018 ‘Skywalk’
– Castle Rock 2017 ‘Porongurup’

Maragret River, Western Australia
– Howard Park 2012 ‘Museum Release’

Alsace, France
– Cave de Ribeauville 2016 Organic Riesling

Buying Riesling Wine from Smash Vino Online

How much does shipping and delivery cost?

We have great prices on shipping. For purchases of 1-5 bottles, shipping is just $12. For orders of between 5-11 bottles, we charge only $9 and for orders of 11 or more, we don’t charge you anything!

For delivery there is a flat charge of $9 but it’s free when you order 12 or more bottles.

How long does delivery take?

Delivery can take 2-3 working days for customers in East Coast metro areas and between 5-10 working days for customers living in regional areas. For anyone in country areas, delivery may exceed 10 days.

Why shop with us?

We believe that you should be able to enjoy great wine with friends during all occasions. This makes us dedicated to bringing you high quality, good, Australian Riesling wine at the best possible prices. Buying wine should be simple and fun, so make it that way by joining us at Smash Vino!

Never hesitate to get in contact with us if you have any questions or queries. You can contact us via our email at, call us or connect with us via our Instagram @smash_vino.

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