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Are you looking to buy Chardonnay wine online?

Smash Vino is here to offer you the chance to do just that. Even if you just fancy a nice bottle for a weekend in with your girlfriends, you can now order and buy the best Chardonnay wine in Australia online, direct from the comfort of your own couch.

The team here at Smash Vino is dedicated to giving you a wide selection of the best Chardonnay wines that Australia has to offer, at the best price we possibly can, because if there’s one thing we love more than good wine, its a good bargain.

Our Chardonnay’s start at $13.70 a bottle, and range between that and $136 a bottle. However, we also have some great deals, such as a case of 6 bottles of Ministry of Clouds 2016 Chardonnay for under $240.

If you find yourself stuck for ideas on what to pair with your Chardonnay after you’ve ordered it from us, we recommend a creamy goats cheese!

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Where can you find Chardonnay wine in Australia?

Whilst Chardonnay’s roots lie in the Burgundy wine region of eastern France, it is also now produced right here in Australia. Australian Chardonnay wines are some of the top of the line wines globally available, and some of the best of the best white wines online are produced right here in Victoria.

Australian Chardonnay wines are produced across the vast majority of the 420,000+ acres of vineyard that span Australia today. These include the likes of The Yarra Valley right here in Victoria, whose Chardonnay’s are full of big and bold, fruity definitions, and the Hunter Valley of New South Wales whose Charodnnay’s tend to fall on the fuller side of the spectrum.

Does Smash Vino deliver Chardonnay to you?

Smash Vino is based just outside of St Kilda, in Melbourne, VIC. Our business was established and grown surrounded by some of the worlds, and definitely Australia’s, finest restaurants. As we’re sure you know, with good food comes good wine.

Whether you’re looking for a Pinot Grigio to impress your other half with a home cooked meal, the perfect Shiraz to go with your Indian, a bottle of champagne for that special occasion, or whether you’re looking to buy Chardonnay just because, Smash Vino has something for you.

As it stands, Smash Vino is currently able to deliver across the entire East Coast of Australia within 2-3 working days. We charge a $9 flat delivery fee on all of out orders, but if you order over 12 bottles, we’ll deliver to you free of charge. For other regional areas, the delivery fee is still the same, but shipping may take between 5-10 working days. Depending on your location, delivery to country / remote locations may take in excess of 10 working days.

We do have the ability to offer express shipping if you find yourself in an emergency. There is no set policy on this, so if you need your wine more urgently than in the time frame mentioned above, please contact us at and we will do our best to help you out.

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