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Smash Vino has Paul Louis Brut Champagne and Wine

At Smash Vino, we love champagne and wine. Wine and champagne are a great accompaniment to any meal, whether a special event or a casual dinner at home. They are perfect for parties and celebrations and for drinking with your friends. There are few occasions where adding champagne or wine will not make it a more pleasant time. That is why we, at Smash Vino, offer a wide range of very good champagne and wine at very good prices, from brands including Paul Louis Brut. We want to make buying champagne and wine simple and fun, so that’s what we do!
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High Quality Champagne at Great Prices

Smash Vino sells a carefully curated selection of champagne and wine. The producers whose wine we stock originate from all around the world: Australia, New Zealand, France, Spain, and Italy. Each producer lives for what they do, so you can be assured that whatever wine or champagne you select from our collection you will be met with a luxurious, high-quality taste that you’ll almost certainly want to order again and again.

These are some of our producers:

  • Mitolo
  • Rob Dolan
  • Angoris
  • MVO
  • Port Phillip Estate
  • Sonsierra
  • Pizzini
  • Riposte
  • Le Grand Cros
  • Leeuwin Estate
  • Teusner
  • Laurent Perrier
  • Seresin

Of particular note is our Paul Louis Brut champagne and sparkling wine. Our Paul Louis Brut Blanc de Blanc price is incredibly low considering how excellent it is, with its complex aromas of chamomile, blossoms, and white fruits providing a soft mouth feel. With hints of citrus, apple, and pear, it makes for an indulgent French aperitif-style sparkling wine that you are sure to love.

Paul Louis Blanc de Blancs are from the Loire Valley region. The wine is dry and is best drunk on its own or with lighter style dishes so that the flavour can be fully appreciated. It is light and sweet, making it a crowd pleaser that is great for parties and events.

The process used to make it is a traditional process for French winemaking. It involves sparkling winemaking that includes bottle fermentation. As a premium, black label option, Paul Louis Blanc de Blanc is made with 100% Chardonnay.

Order from Smash Vino Today

Whether you are preparing for a party or event or just intending to spend a quiet night in with a bottle or two over dinner, you have come to the right place. Browse through our products, and you are sure to find suitable options for what you need. Order from Smash Vino today and we will ensure your champagne or wine is shipped to you quickly and safely, so you can focus on drinking and celebrating.

We pride ourselves on the quality of the products we stock, and also on our very affordable prices. The champagne and wine we sell is of great value, ensuring all our customers get a great deal when they buy from us. We hope you enjoy the experience of shopping with us today!

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