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Laurent Perrier Champagne

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Laurent Perrier champagne is ranked among the finest in the world, coming third after Moët and Chandon, and Veuve Clicquot. Founded in 1812, this champagne house has established itself among the most well-known and well-loved champagne producers in the world, and for good reason.

Perrier Champagne is a firmly established champagne from a leading champagne house that has a rich legacy of surviving the odds. This champagne house survived through two world wars and has successfully overcome several setbacks to become a leading name in the champagne world.
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With just 1,000 bottles of this delicious bubbly being stashed away in walls for safekeeping at the height of World War II, these few precious bottles were then later auctioned, after the war ended, allowing the house to re-establish itself and eventually attain a place of prominence in the world of champagne today.

With every sip of your Perrier Champagne from this fine house, you are celebrating both your success,and theirs, and we at Smash Vino invite you to make this remarkable champagne your bottle of choice for your next celebration.

Laurent Perrier is One of the Most Distinguished Champagnes

Champagne holds the distinguished place of being the beverage for all the important and defining moments in life. Popping a bottle of champagne is synonymous with an accolade, a celebration, an achievement, or a milestone.

What did it take for this champagne to become distinguished from the others and rise to such prominence? Much of its success is particularly credited to two of its former founders. Mary-Louise Lanson de Nonancourt, who acquired the champagne house in the late 1930s, and who is credited with stashing away the bottles of champagne that would allow the re-emergence of the champagne house.

The other was her son Bernard de Nonancourt, to whom credit is given for initiating changes to the traditional fermentation and storage process. He also introduced the concept of a winery that is thermo-regulated and is credited with the re-introduction of the extra dry Brut cuvée.

Also among the innovations he is credited with, is being the first to blend several vintage champagnes to produce the Grand Siécle, in the late 1950s. His innovation, creativity and dedication propelled the house to its current prominence as one of the greatest family-owned champagne houses of France.

What makes Laurent Perrier so esteemed in champagne circles? Made from Pinot Noire grapes, these are fermented and stored in stainless steel, resulting in a champagne that is both crisp and fresh.

The story of this champagne house is in itself a story of success and achievement, and every reason to raise a toast with a house that knows what it takes.

Proudly Carrying the Finest in Champagne

If you are wondering where to buy Laurent Perrier Champagne, then look no further. At Smash Vino, we are proud to offer this, and other high quality sparkling wines and alcoholic beverages online. Additionally, this popular and quality sparkling wine is offered to you at a surprisingly reasonable cost, so you can sample its luxurious taste for less. We also stock beautiful bottles of Laurent Perrier Rosé online all the way from France. Or have a browse of our entire champagne collection online.

As you prepare to celebrate your next important moment, buy Laurent Perrier champagne from us by ordering online, or give us a call on 0431 024 088 if you have any questions you need answering.

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