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Capi Ginger Beer

Are you looking for a whole new ginger beer experience?

We’ve all had ginger ale before. Whether it was your grandma’s cure-all magical remedy when you were sick as a kid or you tasted it as part of a ‘ginger rogers’ once you got older, you’ve most likely had a few. At Smash Vino, we stock a multitude of different CAPI ginger beers for you to try, at a more than reasonable price so you’re in luck if this is your favourite tipple.

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Who is Smash Vino?

Smash Vino was established by Tom in the beautiful St Kilda, an area of Melbourne that is famed for its fine dining. And what goes hand in hand with fine dining? Wine. We are, first and foremost, wine lovers.

Seriously, we love the stuff, and we wanted to share our love with you. Second to that, the entire team here at Smash Vino love a good bargain. That’s why all of the wines that we showcase are hand picked as wines that have an excellent value for money.

When we started Smash Vino, our mission was simple – to give our customers good wine, at a good price. By good wine, we really mean that. We would never recommend a wine, or any product, that we haven’t tried and don’t love.

We deliver all over the east coast of Australia, for a $9 flat fee or completely free if you buy over 12 bottles. Delivery to metro areas usually takes between 2-3 working days. There is an average 5-10 working day delivery period for regional areas, however, it may exceed that time period in country areas.

What varieties of ginger beer do we have to offer?

At Smash Vino, we don’t just sell red and white wines online, we also sell a range of mixers. Three of our most popular are our CAPI ginger beer range. The range includes:

CAPI Ginger Ale – CAPI’s signature dry ginger ale is produced right here in Victoria. It is a drink that can be enjoyed on its own, or mixed with your favourite bourbon and a slice on lemon as a highball.

CAPI Spicy Ginger Beer – the CAPI’s spicy ginger beer is a step up from our regular Ginger Ale. The Australian ginger was blended perfectly with capsicum extract, so that you could have the crisp, warm finish so refreshing and unique you’ll be left wondering why you haven’t tried it sooner. Mix it with tequila blanco for a spicy twist on an old classic.

CAPI Flaming Ginger Beer – the distinctly hotter brother to CAPI’s Spicy Ginger, is the CAPI Flaming Ginger Beer. The flaming ginger beer is a part of CAPI’s craft range, aiming to push the boundaries of the current trends in the beverage world. What makes the Flaming Ginger Beer so distinct from other ginger beers is that it was hand crafted to be the perfect mixer for the hottest Moscow Mule you’ll ever taste – Just add vodka and a dash of lime!

Our entire CAPI Ginger Ale range are 250mL per bottle, and sold in crates of 24 at $36.36 a crate, meaning that each of our ginger ales retail for just $1.51 each – total bargain! If you want to pick up a crate to try it out for yourself, you can drop an order on our website, or send us an e-mail to tom@smashvino.com.au for more details.

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